Dr. Pitts' Masters Continuum is a 4-module course focusing on treatment efficiency and advanced finishing techniques. These sessions provide the most recent, up-to-date knowledge and skills to enhance your self-ligation system. You will learn advanced treatment planning principles for all phases of treatment. This program is the key to mastering your self-ligation treatment mechanics and finishing proficiency.

Course is limited to doctors with a specialty license in orthodontics.
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A 2 year comprehensive continuum in the fine art of advanced orthodontics.

Dr. Tom Pitts

Dr. Pitts is a world renowned lecturer and clinician. He is highly recognized for his continued teaching of orthodontic finishing and clinical excellence. Dr. Pitts is an associate clinical professor at the University of the Pacific and founder of the well-respected Pitts Progressive Group.

Dr. Pitts has been published in multiple journals and clinical publications. He has been actively teaching the orthodontic community in a variety of settings both nationally and internationally since 1986.

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    , conceived by Dr. Tom Pitts, has brought together some of the most innovative and forward thinking Orthodontists in the world. This group of elite orthodontists are leading the industry in developing unique and effective treatment plans and appliances through clinical research and application.
  • For us, it's not just about creating a straight smile - it's about creating a straight smile that fits and compliments the facial structure and appearance. We are dedicated to sharing these orthodontic gems with other like-minded orthodontists who are motivated to be the best they can be. That is why we created
  • The Orthoevolve training courses are held in different cities and countries throughout the world, year round. Space is limited in order to provide an atmosphere that is intimate enough for all to learn, participate and receive hands-on instruction.
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